Power Quality Solutions

Harmonics Filter and reactive power compensation to compensate harmonies and reactive power of new equipment. Work involved design, supply and install of equipment.

For most applications in any mill with electrical equipment, there are certain demands and requirements when it comes to power quality and voltage stability as there are limits to the level of harmonics and electrical disturbances in any given power network.

We are able to propose solutions utilising capacitor banks, reactors and damping resistors to effectively implement a passive Harmonic Filter for any requirement and achieve the following benefits:

1. High Power Factor to reduce energy usage due to reactive power consumption.

2. Improved voltage stability, transmission capacity and reduce network losses.

3. Prevent problems with resonance and amplification of possible disturbances.

Harmonics Filter installed on site

We offer the following types of medium voltage equipment

1. Fixed Medium Voltage Capacitor Banks

This is the most common solution that is aimed to compensate reactive power of a mill. It is typically used for applications where the reactive power compensated is constant and there are no significant changes to the load.

2. Multi-stage automatic MV Capacitor Banks

For more complex applications with significant load changes, a more flexible design is required by utilising several stages of capacitor banks that can be controlled automatically.

This can be designed based on customisable algorithms such as set point of power factor, set point of harmonics, THD and/or combination of ranges of other different variables. 

3. Static VAR Compensation (SVC)

Typically used in applications where load variations are very fast or precise power factor is required. It is recommended to have power electronics switching elements to introduce inductive or capacitive compensating loads as required.

4. Hybrid SVC and Capacitor Banks

Combines both SVC and Multi-Stage capacitor banks to optimise the size of each element.​​​


Background of our Technology Partner

Our SER drives are manufactured by ElectroDrives, who is one of our trusted technology partners.

Electrodrives is based in Madrid-Getafe, Spain and is a global market leader in Slip Energy Recovery (SER) Drives for Slip Ring Motors that are mainly used in the mining industry especially for SAG Mills. Following the acquisition of International Electronics S.A. (IES) in 2018, ED is focused to further innovate and continue developing customer-focused solutions for the mining industry.

Technical Specifications : Power Quality Solutions




Nominal Voltage

Power Rating




Step Configuration









Scope of Work

Capacitor Bank

Static VAR Compensation

Harmonic Filters

3.3 kV, 6.6 kV, 11 kV, 13.8 kV, 20 kV, 24 kV, 36 kV

1,000 kVAr to 200 MVAr

Indoor (Cabinet)

Outdoor (Substation)

Outdoor (Containerised) 

Fixed Capacitor

Mechanically Switched Capacitor

Mechanically Switched reactor

Thrysistor Switched Capacitor (TCR)

Thrysistor Controller Reactor (TCR)

Harmonics Filter


Damping Reactors

Detuned Filter

Tuned Harmonics Filter

Flexible algorithm with PLC and HMI (standard)

Fixed set point by protection relay (basic)

IEC 60871-1, IEC 60076-6, IEC 61869

Simulation on dynamic and steady conditions

Harmonics and reactive power study

Harmonics and flicker measurements at site

Design of harmonics filter and reactive power compensation

Engineering, manufacturing, supply, civil works and installation at site

Testing and commissioning.