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Remote Commissioning of SAG and Ball Mill MV Variable Speed Drive (VSD)

Gold Mine, Kyrgyzstan

PulseTech was engaged to commission a 4360kVA MV VSD for a gold mine located in Kyrgyzstan. This technically complex project consisted of one MV VSD starting two Ball Mills and a SAG Mill using synchronous bypass function. The VSD system was configured to sequentially start and bypass Ball Mill 1 and Ball Mill 2 to mains power for fixed speed operation. The VSD is then used to start the SAG Mill and continuously operate in speed control for an electrical engineering solution.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, our client needed an alternative commissioning solution that was efficient and reliable. Our client trusted our recommendation to utilise PulseTech’s remote commissioning solution consisting of PulseTech supplied wearable technology, and readily available messaging apps. This allowed PulseTech to see the site conditions in real time and provide on-the-spot advice to our client’s engineers in Kyrgyzstan from our office in Sydney.

Our scope of work included remote commissioning of:

  • 1 x 3000kW 6P 6kV SAG Mill and 2 x 3000kW 6P 6kV Ball Mill motor

  • 1 x 4360kVA 6kV Variable Speed Drive

  • SAG and Ball Mill VSD control system with PLC and HMI which includes functions such as frozen charge protection and oscillation free stop

  • EthernetIP communications

  • Supplied wearable technology kit which includes Google Glass Enterprise 2 and compatible video conferencing software.


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