Commissioning of Conveyor MV Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

Electrical Engineering expertise and Commissioning of 10 x MV VSDs and motors for a complex conveyor application in one of the largest iron ore mines in Australia. There were four conveyors involved with the longest conveyor being 15km long travelling across different elevations and one gear-less conveyor having a low-speed synchronous motor and VSD drive system.

Our scope of work included remote commissioning of:

  • 9 x 2000kW 6P 6.6kV squirrel cage induction motors and active front end VSDs

  • 1 x 1500kW 6P 6.6kV synchronous motor and active front end VSD with a synchronous exciter for gearless conveyor

  • Load sharing of motors (the longest conveyor was powered by four drives)

  • Fibre optics communication between VSDs due to long distances ​