Static Excitation System

The Static Excitation Control - EDEX, provides a precise regulation of the excitation voltage in any given synchronous system. The benefits of EDEX are to provide:

Full Flexibility

EDEX is adaptable to all kinds of application and able to obtain power factor control(cos φ), reactive power control. Depending on the requirements of the application, the user is also able to adapt all interface signals and control the generator during synchronisation process with the grid.

Digital Control

The EDEX systems use digital control with microprocessor to achieve full flexibility and accuracy. The systems are fully configurable with parameters to customise the control of any application through its graphics touch screen.


By using optimised thrysistors for low conducting losses and hall-effect sensors for the current measurement, the EDEX sytems can achieve very high efficiency and performance even when operating at low loads.

In the past we have supported clients that have legacy Static Exciters that are no longer supported with either parts or technical support. PulseTech is able to upgrade your existing Static Excitation System with a new system, ensuring full interchangeability in controls and performance.


Background of our Technology Partner

Our SER drives are manufactured by ElectroDrives, who is one of our trusted technology partners.

Electrodrives is based in Madrid-Getafe, Spain and is a global market leader in Slip Energy Recovery (SER) Drives for Slip Ring Motors that are mainly used in the mining industry especially for SAG Mills. Following the acquisition of International Electronics S.A. (IES) in 2018, ED is focused to further innovate and continue developing customer-focused solutions for the mining industry.


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