PulseTech is a 100% Australian owned company and we provide technical solutions and services for our clients, both large and small, in a myriad of sectors including but not limited to mining, cement, recycling, water and food industries.

Our mission is to provide specialist expertise to clients who are resource poor, who require specialised, experienced dependable engineers who can support their operational needs, no matter how significant (or insignificant) the job.



Commissioning is a crucial stage of a project, and its execution often defines the success of a project. It must be performed safely, within time constraints, in accordance with design specifications and result in reliable long-term operation of plant and equipment. 

As specialists in installation supervision and commissioning of liquid resistance starters, electrical drives and systems, our team consists of highly experienced engineers that can assist with the successful commissioning of your plant and equipment.

Our primary goal is when commissioning is to achieve safe, flawless start up and perform by focusing on diligent preparation, planning, and applying solid risk management processes and controls.

PulseTech commissioning activities include:

  • validation of installation works ensuring compliance to Australian standards and manufacturer’s requirements

  • verification of factory settings of the equipment

  • settings adjustments to meet plant requirements or project control philosophy

  • functional testing

  • equipment first energisation and no-load testing 

  • equipment tuning according to the load requirements to ensure long-term trouble-free operation


This last step is often overlooked as soon as the equipment is started up and handed over to operations, only to result in nuisance tripping sometime in the future. Upon completion of commissioning, a comprehensive commissioning report is issued for the customer’s record keeping.


Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is key in maintaining reliability and minimising likelihood of unscheduled downtime and lost production due to equipment failure. We have the knowledge, experience, and manufacturer-backed procedures to ensure your equipment is maintained to the highest standards. 

PulseTech maintenance activities include:

  • verification that the equipment is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements

  • recording or capturing of equipment operational performance data

  • inspection of individual components ensuring they are in acceptable conditions

  • cleaning, parts replacement, or adjustments to restore equipment to optimum levels

  • review and analysis of equipment fault history and historical performance data


Finally, the equipment is operated (subject to operational readiness) with all key variables monitored to ensure trouble free operation prior to our departure from site.

As an additional risk management strategy on behalf of our clients, a spare parts audit is conducted whilst on site ensuring that the correct parts are available, in good condition and adequate quantities are kept in stock. Upon completion of the work, a comprehensive service report is issued for the customer’s record keeping.



From our experience, we found that clients would often encounter process or operational problems that require improvements or upgrades to which large organisations found the scope to be too small.

Specialising in electrical drive systems, we can offer a total solution service consisting of:

  • design

  • electrical drafting

  • procurement or manufacturing

  • project management

  • detailed Scope of Works preparation

  • detailed project planning

  • installation supervision & commissioning


These solutions can be part of upgrades to existing plant systems, performance improvement initiatives or new capital projects, no matter how significant (or insignificant). Our designs comply to relevant Australian Standards such as AS/NZS 3000, AS/NZS 3700 and AS 2067.


We are specialists in upgrades or replacement of legacy equipment such as old grid resistor starters, liquid starters, variable speed drives, slip energy recovery drives or static exciters for synchronous motors that are no longer supported. 

Our primary goal when performing upgrades is to provide a solution with minimal changes to the client’s existing installation in terms of power system requirements, protection, cabling, controls interface or communications with plant DCS. This significantly minimises time, cost and work that needs to be performed to achieve the desired outcome, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.


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