From our years of experience, PulseTech has identified suitable and recognised technology partners to provide solutions that are relevant to your business.

We have partnered with these globally recognised technology partners to offer access our clients access to our quality, reliable and cost-effective world-class industrial electrical equipment.

PulseTech is also capable of providing local and ground support to our clients, ensuring the complete life-cycle  support of the products.

MKS Anlasser. High quality Liquid Resistance Starter/ Liquid Rheostat used widely to start applictions using wound round motor. High quality and made in Germany. LRS being assembled in factory
MKS Anlasser Liquid Resistance Starters

Liquid Resistance Starters

MKS is a global manufacturer in Liquid Resistance Starters with over 100 years of experience.


MKS has its origins with BEA, starting back in 1917 and has since supplied the Liquid Starters to companies globally from mining, heavy industries, shredding and power transmission.

Subsynchronous SER Drive installed in Sydney Water

Slip Energy Recovery Drives
Electrodrives S.A, Spain

Electrodrives (ED)  is based in Spain and has been a market leader for Slip Energy Recovery (SER) Drives. These drives are ideal to increase production and maximize efficiency for applications that use Wound Round Motor in their mill.


The portfolio of products include

Hypersynchronous SER Drives

Subsynchronous SER Drives

Resistance Chopper Starters

Static Excitation Systems

Power Quality Solutions

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 used as part of Wearable Technology in PulseTech work commissioning or remote monitoring

Wearable Technology

Google Glass Enterprise 2 Glass is a small, lightweight wearable computer with a transparent display for hands-free work.